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Cenote Diving

A unique and magical experience


Cenote Diving

Remarkable rock formations, crystal clear waters, dancing sunbeams and mind-blowing haloclines….

All of these things (and more) make cenote diving a truly unforgettable and highly addictive experience.

An Open Water certification is all you need to enjoy this amazing adventure, we will provide the rest (transportation, equipment, food, safety and lots of smiles).

For us, cenote diving was love at first sight.

Will you also fall in love?

Both Liz and Santi Jaguar Divers founders left everything behind to start a dive shop in the Riviera Maya. What was the main reason? They fell in love with the cenotes.


Venture with them into the jungle and discover the wonders of the Mayan underground rivers. Let us show you why most avid divers fall in love with these magical underground rivers.

Discover more about what there is to see and experience below the jungle, when diving the cenotes, by clicking here. 


Learn all about Cenote history by clicking here!

All our tours are in Mexican pesos. The prices are all inclusive: 2 dives, a guide, equipment, transportation from the dive shop to the cenote and back, drinks and lunch. If you require pickup in central Tulum we charge $300 Mexican pesos.

Cenotes Pricing Tier 1 – $3,300 (Two tank tours ALL INCLUSIVE RATE)


Chac Mool: the perfect cenote if you only have one day to dive, as it has a bit of everything cenotes have to offer (formations, halocline, sunbeams, fossils,…). We will do one dive in Kukulkan and one dive in Little Brother (read more…)


– Tajma Ha: currently closed until the end of Dec 2024


–  Chikin Ha : experience the stunning visual effects of the halocline, the point at which the salt and freshwater meet



Cenotes Pricing Tier 2 – $3,600 (Two tank tours ALL INCLUSIVE RATE)


Dos Ojos : probably the most famous cenote of all, with beautiful decoration and incredible light effects. We will dive both the Barbie line and the Batcave (read more…)


Casa Cenote: located in the middle of the mangroves, full of life.  Dive under a vast expanse of mangrove roots and through rock canyons (read more….)


Dreamgate: one of the most beautiful cenotes around. Dark and small, it is beautifully decorated with thousands of speleothems. Previous cenote diving experience is mandatory before we can take you (read more…)



Cenotes Pricing Tier 3 – $3,900 (Two tank tours ALL INCLUSIVE RATE)


El Pit: a world famous dive site,  an enormous sinkhole featuring halocline, hydrogen sulfide clouds and striking sunbeams. We normally combine this with one dive at Dos Ojos. For advanced divers only. (read more…)


Garden of Eden: with stunning light effects, fossils and fish this is a great cenote for photography. It also has an impressive halocline. This cenote is only one dive so we combined it with a dive in Tajma Ha. (read more…)


.- Angelita: with its famous hydrogen sulfide cloud it is one of the most unreal landscapes you will ever dive. Typically combined with Carwash. For advanced divers only (read more…)


Carwash: full of beautiful water lilies and cool formations, Carwash makes a great combo with Angelita (read more…)


Taak Bi Ha and Tak Be Luum: very dark and beautifully decorated. They are often combined together. As with Dreamgate, previous cenote experience is mandatory (read more about Taak Bi Ha and Tak Be Luum…)


Zapote (Hells Bells): a one of a kind dive site, huge and unique speleothem formations created by extremophile bacteria, create a unique underwater landscape that can only be found here. For advanced divers only (read more….)


Maravilla the most mesmerising sunbeam effects and thick hydrogen sulfide cloud (30 meters deep) perfect for underwater photography and video. For advanced divers only (read more…)


Nicte Ha: pretty water lilies and cavern decoration make this a great dive for photography, best combined with Dos Ojos or El Pit (read more…)

*For overhead cenotes you must be a minimum of 15 years of age. Divers who have not dived in the last three months may also be required to do an ocean dive 1st to refresh their buoyancy.

Travelling alone?


Here at Jaguar Divers we don’t want divers travelling along to miss a cenote just because no one else is going that day. So for this reason we have a single person supplement fee, if you are travelling alone and we open a new Cenote tour for you we have a small 300 pesos fee so we can take just you! As soon as we get other divers of your level wanting the same cenote we will pair you and take off the fee.


There are 2 combos we require a minimum of 2 people for or a larger single supplement. Agalitas & Carwash $800 and Zapote Maravilla $1800

What are you waiting for? Find your new love!

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