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Increase no-decompression limit

Enriched Air / Nitrox Course

Extend your bottom time, so you can spend more time doing what you love!

The Nitrox certification is one of the most useful specialities you can learn. By using enriched air you can increase no-decompression limits (NDL).

Want to spend that extra 10 minutes with the bull sharks, or watching your favourite fish? Then Nitrox is the answer. No more watching you NDL wishing to stay down that bit longer!


Who is this course for?

> Open Water Divers who want to learn how to use recreational gas mixes to increase bottom time and no-decompression limits


Nitrox is regular air enriched with oxygen. So the percentage of nitrogen in your tank is reduced and the oxygen percentage is increased.


This means for every breath you take you will receive less nitrogen than with a normal tank. Nitrogen is the reason for our no-decompression limits, why we can only spend around 15 minutes at 30 meters (100 feet). Nitrox 32 extends this time to 25 minutes, that’s a 66% increase in your bottom time!


This is a half-day, dry course. This means it is done in a classroom and there are no included dives. All though of course, we can dive with it after if you wish.


The course is made up of two parts the theory and the practical. The theory is the longer part, which will send you in advance to go over.


After we will have a face to face class to review all the important concepts together, so you feel safe and confident diving with nitrox.


We will also learn how to use an oxygen analyser to test your tanks and how to label them correctly.


How much is it?

The price is $3200 including everything, except transportation to the dive center.

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