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Cavern Course

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Cavern Course

Take your first steps into a whole new underground world!

This is your 1st step into the underground maze of the Yucatan peninsula. Once the beauty of the Mexican Cenotes captures your heart, it’s hard not to dream of venturing further in!

Meksyk cenote Chikin ha

This qualification allows you to dive in the cavern zone of a cenote always within 200ft/60m from an exit and always where you can see daylight.  Imagine the cavern course as the open water course of working towards Full Cave. In this course we learn all the basic skills and knowledge needed for the new overhead environment.


Later as we go into Intro to Cave and Full Cave we refine and advance our skills even further, allowing us to explore even deeper inside. As the advanced and deep course can take you deeper into the ocean. Intro and Full Cave will take you deeper horizontally into the underground world

When should I do my Cavern Course?

Have you already done most of our cenote tours?  Ready to take that step further into the caves and want to be able to see even more past recreational limits!


Not Sure?

There is so much to see on our cenote tours we recommend doing these 1st so you can work on your kicks and trim. If you haven’t got your sidemount qualification we suggest doing this first.

Course structure

The Cavern Diver is a minimum 5 day* course, comprised of theory sessions, land drills, in water skills and dives to provide a solid foundation for the overhead environment. For technical courses we structure it around your needs, we learn at the pace you need to master the skills, therefore some courses may take longer than 5 days.

If it has been a while since your sidemount course, our 1st day will be refreshing all your skills and introducing cavern theory.


Combine this course with Sidemount, Intro to Cave and Full Cave to get the most out of your time here.


*when combined with sidemount, or other cave courses it may take fewer days



An ability to**

  • Frog kick
  • Helicopter kick
  • Back kick is desired, but we can work on it in the course if you cannot perfect it yet
  • Float still in trim with little to no fin movement

** Can’t do these things yet? No worries, ask us about buoyancy workshops or courses.



This is a TDI certification


*This course can also be done in doubles, but we recommend sidemount

How much is it?

All tec courses are $5800 (private) or $5300 per pesos per day


This includes all training, cenote entrance fees, lunch and certification fees.


Excluded study materials, transportation to and from the shop and equipment rental


– Caver Manual $1350

– Equipment rental is $900 per day

– Optional porter service available for $650 per day

per day

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