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Advanced Open Water

Fine-tune your skills and explore deeper

Advanced Open Water

Broaden your skills, awareness and explore further

The Advanced Open Water is a perfect way to fine-tune your skills and learn to explore deeper.  This course is designed to get you thinking like a diver and give you a broader range of skills to improve your diving and make you a safer and more aware diver.

Who is this course for?

>> Open water divers who want to go beyond the basic training and increase & improve their underwater skills


>> Divers wishing to see what lies below 18m/60ft: sharks, wrecks…who knows.


We will complete five dives, each exploring a new type of diving. While learning relevant skills to help you enjoy each dive to the max.


Before the course, we will send you some theory to help you prepare, and on each dive, you will carry out a few simple tasks to show the practical application of what you have learnt and help you improve your underwater skills.


There are two core dives:


 > Deep – We will explore safely down to 30m/100ft


> Navigation – Learn to navigate underwater and swim some fun patterns using a compass

The other three are your choice. And of course, we can do as many as you like if you can’t only choose three 😊.


> Peak Performance Buoyancy – Hone your buoyancy skills. A rewarding dive where we play games to make you master your buoyancy.

> Photography – If you have an underwater camera or GoPro we can practice how to use them effectively underwater while being respectful to the marine life.

> Drift – Have fun speeding along and learning how to move with the current

> Nitrox – Learn how to use different gas blends to extend your dive time

> Naturalist – Look at the relationships between many sea creatures and their environment (Liz loves this subject as it was her job for many years to survey marine life)

> Fish Id – Learn to identify fish. Be able to tell your parrot fishes apart from your triggerfish.

> Night – See the reef come alive with a whole new set of creatures at night. Witness sparkling bioluminescence and fascinating octopus.

> Wreck – Look into the past and learn to explore a shipwreck safely


But there are many other options: ask us to find out more.

How much is it?

This depends on the dives you choose to do. We can discuss this in more detail over the phone or in person.

The only extra fixed fee is $2500 for the materials and certification process/card. Transportation to the dive center in the morning is not included.


Dive Prices:

> Playa del Carmen – 2 dives $1700

> Night dive in Playa del Carmen – 1 dive $1700

> Cozumel – 2 dives $3450

Equipment rental is $400 per day

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