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We are Jaguar Divers based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. A team of passionate instructors and guides providing personalized service and an unforgettable diving experiences. Here at Jaguar Divers in Playa del Carmen, we have a very clear mission in life:

To provide outstanding, high quality guided dive and training to travellers  and scuba divers in the Riviera Maya


To ensure all safety protocols and measures are met. Diving is great and with us, you will be always safe.


To help you plan and organise every other aspect of your holidays. If you need help with dry land tours, car rental, accommodation and any other holiday related needs.


Outstanding customer service
Highest quality of training
General Awesomeness


Santi and Liz met over their mutual obsession with cave diving and a few years later came up with the idea of Jaguar divers in 2021 to share their love of diving with the world. Both marine life lovers, they can tell you a lot about all the creatures you see.


Raised in England, Liz started diving at the age of 23 on holiday in the Bahamas and once she started, she couldn’t stop. Nearly every day since has been spent below the waves. Work, days off and holidays have all been diving oriented since then!


She has been lucky enough to work and dive in some of the best spots all over the world during the last 9 years. However Playa del Carmen and the caves here have finally caught her wandering heart, making it her permanent home!


Extremely patient and obsessed with learning everything about the marine life about her, she will do her best to get you hooked on the diving drug also!


Santi was born into a family of divers, obtaining his Open Water certification when he was 14! He has been diving non-stop since. The first trip to the Riviera Maya however changed his life.


Diving the magical and unique cenotes, was love at first sight. Right there he decided he wanted to move to Playa del Carmen and dive those cenotes non-stop.


The dream took a few years to come true as he was running a digital marketing agency in Spain at the time. However, the idea never went away. Once cleared of all professional responsibilities, it was time to take the big step and start Jaguar Divers.


Now that his dream has come true he wants to help create dream diving holidays for all travellers to the region.

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