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Ocean Diving

Explore the wonders the ocean has to offer

Ocean Diving

Amazing sea life, outstanding coral, massive sponges and a huge abundance of life, are just some of the things awaiting you in the Caribbean Sea.

In waters that range from 27 degrees in the winter to 30 in the summer, so leave your semi-dry at home along with the cold and murky waters… a rash guard and an average of 25 meters visibility are awaiting you.

On top of these ideal conditions, there are plenty of different diving options. And guess what? They are all amazing!


Playa’s reefs offer an abundance of life: huge schools of grunts you can swim through, massive green moray eels lurking in holes and stingrays playing in the sand.


Leaving straight from the beach we will reach the reef in just under 5 minutes by boat. It’s so close, we’ll be back in Playa by lunchtime so you’ll have time to enjoy some tacos and guacamole!  Highly recommended for those travelling with non-diving companions, who don’t want to leave them alone for too long.


Try a night dive, a great chance to see many octopuses, crabs and bioluminescence!


2 Tank Dive $1700

1 Tank Night Dive $1700

Equipment rental is $400 per day

PLEASE NOTE – if you would like to book your trip within the next 72hrs send us a WhatsApp the book now link will not work

The meeting point is at the dive shop. The meeting time is dependant on your experience and requests Am dives meet at 7.30, Pm at 11.30 and night dives between 5-6 pm depending on the month


Cozumel and its marine park are a must for all recreational divers. It’s not ranked one of the top 10 diving spots in the world for nothing.


A fabulous gift for ocean divers, home to some of the biggest, most beautiful corals and sponges, coupled with a population of spiny lobsters, huge colourful angelfish, boxfish and all the other usual suspects in the Caribbean waters.

We meet at 7.30 am at the dive shop and are back in town by 1.30 pm.


2 Tank Dive lunch included $3450

Equipment rental is $400 per day



PLEASE NOTE – if you would like to book your trip within the next 72hrs send us a WhatsApp the book now link will not work.

In high season this trip fills up fast, bookings are subject to availability


Home to one the biggest wrecks in the area, the ARM Cadete Juan Escutia,  a World War II C56 Frigate sunk in 2000. It offers multiple points of penetration and very often we can find an impressive school of eagle rays hovering above.


The reefs of Puerto Morelos are a very interesting place to dive and after we can enjoy the Puerto Morelos leaning lighthouse or enjoy some Mexican cuisine in one of the local restaurants.

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