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Open Water

Discover a brand new world

Open Water Course

The first stop on your diving journey into a whole new world

Learn to move safely and proficiently through the underwater world so you can enjoy all of its wonders.


This PADI certification allows you up to depths of 18m/60ft when diving with a buddy. It is accepted all over the world so you are prepared for where ever your fins make take you.


We offer 2 options for this course: The Regular Open Water Course and the Premium Open Water Course. Let’s review them and explain the differences.

OPTION 1 – The Standard Open Water Course

This is the standard course comprising 6 to 8 hours of self-study followed by 2.5 days of practical classes.

Who is this option for?

>> Candidates who are on holiday and have limited time


>> Candidates with prior experience snorkelling or have done discover dives before


>> Candidates who feel very comfortable in the water

Course Plan

Part 1 – Theory through self-study

We will provide you with a manual and videos.  You will review this in your own time. It is important to note that all the materials must be completed before starting with part 2.


Part 2 – Practical classes

In the practical classes you will learn some important diving skills and complete 4 open water dives.

Many people like to split these days, having a break in-between, as there is a lot to take in. We are flexible and willing to adapt to your needs.

Here is the plan:


Day 1 (half a day)

We will start by going over your knowledge reviews to ensure you have understood the self-study materials.  We will review all the important concepts together and ensure they have been properly grasped before jumping into the water. Next we will have an intro to the scuba equipment followed by a test. The test is multiple choice so no need to worry.


Day 2 (full day)

We will start learning the basic skills in a calm and still environment getting you comfortable in the water and confident in your equipment.  Next will complete 2 open water dives concentrating on your buoyancy and using your skills in a realistic environment.


Day 3 (full day)

We will complete any final skills we did not do on day 1 followed by 2 more open water dives. If you manage to complete all the skills and the dives competently and safely, you will be issued your Open Water Certification, and will be a fully certified scuba diver!


How much is it?

The price is $8350 and includes everything except food and transportation to the dive centre.

To book your course we take a $4500 deposit to cover the study materials and hold your dates. This comes out of your course price.

You are required for this course to be able to swim 200m and float for 10 minutes, but don’t worry it doesn’t have to be done gracefully if you are not a confident swimmer 😊. Also, you must be a minimum of 10 years old.


PLEASE NOTE – if you would like to book your trip within the next 4 days send us a WhatsApp the book now link will not work. You can also WhatsApp for custom days if you would like to spread out the days and not do the whole course all at once

OPTION 2: The Premium Open Water Course

The premium open water course is customised to each individual’s needs, to provide an extended in-depth training to new divers. Become fully confident and proficient underwater.


Who is this course for?

>> Candidates who want to become the best diver they can from the first level of training


>> Candidates who are new to the water with no prior experience snorkelling or diving


>> Candidates who feel more nervous about the idea of being underwater

How does it differ from the standard option?

In this option, we will tailor your training plan to your individual needs, be it a buoyancy or skills workshop or extra dives to ensure you get fully comfortable in your new surroundings.

Although we know that 2.5 days is enough to learn the basics of scuba, why not become the best diver you can be, and in some cases, further training is advised or required.


Diving is a huge new skill and we know some people are still a little nervous even after they have completed the course. An extra day or two can help you feel confident in your dive planning. Or maybe you would like to take an extra buoyancy workshop, this is the hardest skill to master in diving and the most rewarding: let’s play some underwater games and get you to the next level.


We love to customise our services to the individual needs of our customers and help you get the most out of your dives. So if you want to go further with your scuba skills and knowledge, this option is for you!


How much is it?

Each extra day is $2790 on top of your Open Water course. Generally, most candidates will choose 1 or 2 days of custom planning. We are flexible to your needs.

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