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Seasonal Events

If you are lucky enough to be visiting us during one of the three special seasonal events join us.

It will be a once in a lifetime experience that will shine in your mind for years.

Bull sharks

Get ready for the thrill of encountering these beauties!


Pregnant Bull sharks come to relax in the shallow water of Playa del Carmen every year before continuing their journey to give birth. The season starts mid-November and can last until March.


We do observational dives and do not partake in feeding as this interferes with their behaviour. Sighting and interactions are almost guaranteed!


Huge pregnant female sharks come to check who the bubble makers are. As they circle and swim alongside us you’ll be amazed and impressed with their elegance and beauty.


We combine this experience with a shallow reef dive, where we can relax and take it easy after the encounter with these amazing animals.

Whale Sharks

The whale shark is not actually a whale, but a shark. Gentle giants with an amazing vibe.


Being the biggest fish on earth does not make them dangerous. They are so magnificent to watch as they feed, fins swinging smoothly and effortlessly with their huge mouths open as they filter the water.


This day tour departs on a boat from Cancun to a special location where whale sharks congregate in great numbers every season. Sometimes you will find up to a hundred different sharks feeding in the water.


The shortest of the 3 seasonal events. When the sardines come to this part of the Caribbean, the sailfish follow.

This happens every year between late January and early March (February being the best month for these sightings). Sailfish are one of the top apex predators in the ocean. They can swim at incredible speeds of up to 110 km/h. This makes them extremely efficient predators. Seeing them in action while devouring sardines is incredible.

Combine that with the frantic air attacks of the seagulls and frigates and you have a Hollywood worthy show and truly unique photo opportunities.